Walks or visits while you are away at work or out during the day or evening

365 days a year including Holidays subject to availability

Trained sitters and walkers supported daily by the owners and manager

Local company serving Rockford for over 10 years

A+ rating with Better Business Bureau

​References Available

​Dog Walks

$20 for first pet

$4 each additional pet

Weekdays before 10am and after 3pm and weekends up to $4 surcharge.*

Service Area

We come and care for your pets one time or several times a day.

We come to your home to give your dog a great walk while you are away.

Keep your pet in the comfort of his or her home while you are away

Perfect for dogs with health issues or behavioral issues who may not do well in a kennel environment​

We do cat care too. Feeding, litterbox cleaning, medication.

Pet Visits

Prices are the same as visits.

Most clients choose 3 or 4 visits a day

*Surcharge may be lowered at our discretion. 

**Visits for the weekends, evenings and mornings are subject to availability. Deadline to book for the weekends, including Friday after 3pm is Wednesday by 5pm. BOOKINGS FOR THE WEEKEND RECEIVED AFTER THE PREVIOUS WEDNESDAY AT 5PM ARE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED A $10 POST-DEADLINE FEE IF ACCEPTED.

$30 first dog

$5 each additional charge

Dog park visits include travel time within the hour

A travel charge of $1.10 per mile between your house and dog park may be added

Prices are per visit


One hour walks/Dog park trips

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​30  Minute Visits and Walks

Prices apply to areas within service area. Outside areas will be assessed a travel charge to be determined. Northern Border is Riverside, Southern is just below Sandy Hollow. 

$15 for first pet

$4 each additional pet

*Weekdays before 10am and after 3pm and weekends up to $4 surcharge.*

$18 first pet

$4 each additional pet

Weekdays before 10am and after 3pm and weekends up to $4 surcharge.*

20 Minute Visits and Walks

15 Minute Visits and Walks​

Vacation Care