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Kathleen Magnus also came to us after being a client for many years. Kathleen has recently retired from Hamilton Sundstrand and thought it would be fun to work for us in her retirement. Her lab Scout lived about 25% of the time at our house while mom was at work so we've seen Kathleen every week day for years. Scout could be a handful and her current dog Sophie is in puppy classes so she's great at encouraging good doggie manners. Kathleen has really loved hanging out with the dogs all day. It's a great thing to do after years at a stressful job.

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Corrine Riggle really, really wanted to work with animals. She studied to be a vet tech and came to us while working another very demanding job just wanting to work with dogs for a couple of hours a day. Corrine shows great attention to detail and likes working on doggie manners. She's had foster dogs who she has nursed back to health and is working on acclimating her current adopted Beagle mix to her bunny and elderly Chihuahua. She joined us in late March of 2017 and is looking forward to the great Spring and Summer weather to get to know her clients better. So far they seem to love her queit nature and calm demeanor. 

Brittany Long was a client of ours long before she was our employee. She has rescued Shelties for year. Brittany has extensive dog experience including working in a doggie daycare. She loves working with dogs and has become the best friend to all of her client doggies.

Mike Kelly was also found through our years of being involved in the Rockford community. He has been a fixture in the theatre scene in the region for years. He has big dogs of his own and is well versed in big dog behavior. He's really enjoying seeing his clients every day and making their day brighter. He's conscientious, safety conscious and will always have a great story to tell about your dog. 

Ben Larson started working with us in May of 2019. He has an interest in dog psychology and loves building relationships with animals. When not walking dogs with us he may be found hanging out in the dog parks with his dog Buddy. He has rave reviews for his previous pet sitting endeavors. He's gotten to know several of our great client dogs and is looking forward to getting to know them all better.  your paragraph here.

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Maria Strang studied to be a vet tech. She enjoys being of service to all the dogs and loves spending alone time every day with her best doggie friends. She's great at handling the unexpected situations we've had over the years including new dogs in the house with unexpected behaviors, loose dogs coming to see our leashed client dogs and the every day craziness that goes hand in hand with animals. Maria has been with us since 2014 and has logged over 1200 hours of dog walking. 

Arielle Rojek is someone we found through our deep Rockford connections. She has been a vet tech for many years. Arielle has also been doing pet care in her off hours for several years. While she does pet sitting on her own we bring her in occasionally to help us out. She's always happy to help and brings great expertise to her sits.