Corrine Riggle with Lucky

and Pikachu

"Go dog is fantastic! They really care, & I honestly don't know what I would do without them!​"

Pets are our Passion

Quality dog walking and pet sitting in Rockford


 Betsy Puig with Barkley 



President and Owner

Our Staff

"I'm not sure how I survived before Go Dog Rockford! They are very flexible and reliable and most importantly, my dogs love them. They helped socialize and train my puppy and they even handle my mischievous Basset with a smile! They make my life so much easier and I appreciate them very much."

Phatty Puig 

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Lead Dog Walker

In memoriam to our beloved pets

Dog Walker

Noel Puig with Rutledge

Blankie Inspector

Manager/Dog Walker

VP, Yard Department

Maria Strang with Wilson

Mike Kelly with Bailey

"I know that no one loves our dogs as much as my wife and I but, Go Dog comes in a very close second. They are always available to take our dogs, even on short notice. Our boys get soo excited when they see them. They even do little things like teaching them little tricks. They are truly wonderful with our pets who mean so much to us. Thanks Go Dog. From us and our Dogs."

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Brittany Long with her Shelties

Dog Walker

Dog Walker

Kona Puig

​​​​​​Since 2009 we have dedicated our lives to taking excellent care of our clients pets. We take pride in getting to know your pets well so that we can tailor our care to their needs and desires. Our staff members are chosen for their compassion, sense of responsibility and trustworthiness. Quality Dog walking and pet sitting in Rockford

Kathleen Magnus

with Sophie

Walk Assistant and

Driving Supervisor

Senior Vp, Nom Noms

Crikey Puig

Vice President and Owner


Chloe Puig